Am I Brave Enough - or Daft?

Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by WilD, 11 Mar 2011.

  1. WilD

    WilD Premium

    Thinking I would like to do a tatt on myself - underside of left forearm???

    Thinking of orchids.... Orchid drawing.jpg

    coloured in like this (no outline)... 1phalaenopsis_orchid.jpg
    or maybe a pale coloured outline for flower heads

    Firstly - am scared - incase I start it and can't finish it and secondly JB mentioned stretching the skin (which I won't be able to do???) - unless daughter helps!

    Re the colouring will a strong colour leaf vein effect the over colour - paler pink to white?
  2. was going to do that myself tonight for my third (on myself),,, but I need a skin stretcher helperer.:1
  3. Daz

    Daz Premium

    I think you are at the stage where you are good enough to give it a try, understand your nerves etc

    I agree with the the previous comment and jamesb you will be working with one hand so could be tricky (no one to stretch the skin)

    what ever you decide im sure it will be stunning. :thumbsup:
  4. Patrick

    Patrick Premium

    Hi Dawn

    The picture is really nice and the colours will look great, I'm not sure about the coloured veins on the petals thats a problem I have had in the past. Hopefully somebody will know the answer. You will have to get somebody else to stretch the skin for you to make a nice tattoo.
    Why don't you do it first on Pig Skin and see how it looks, at least then you will know it will be better on your own skin and the colours will look brighter. Maybe even try it a few times and experiment with colours. But judging by your recent piggy tatts you will make an excellent job of it. Go for it and look forward to seeing it finsihed. Just a thought why don't you ask AJ what he thinks when you see him?:thumbsup:
  5. WilD

    WilD Premium

    Thanks to all,
    Think first it'll be on pig, then I'll ask aj's advice on Sunday. I am keen to have a go but equally don't want my first tat to be a disaster!!!

    Appreciate all advice given:cool:
  6. skinpix

    skinpix Premium

    Hi Dawn,
    Do it a couple of times on piggy first,to get the feel of the tat,and instead of trying to tattoo your own arm(which will be difficult,due to stretching) have a go at it on your leg,maybe on the ankle area, or like you said,wait till Sunday & get aj to help you by stretching the skin for you (he will know how much stretch to put on the skin) it will make a pretty tat...from the work you have done so far,i think you will do it justice, good luck for Sunday......ENJOY IT.....;)
  7. Reaper G

    Reaper G Premium

    N.e lincs
    Paul g
    I agree if you do it on your ankle area it's reachable and having someone there only adds to the presure I think you will be fine once you have done a few lines start on a line that's not that important until you get the swing of it

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