Anyone Used Ebay Co. Called Trade Express?

Discussion in 'Suppliers & Product Ratings' started by WilD, 19 Jan 2011.

  1. WilD

    WilD Premium

    Hi all,

    has anyone bought through a co. on Ebay called Trade Express Goods?
    Based in Kent - and kit prices seem good? Any thoughts guys/gals?
  2. barcode1973

    barcode1973 Premium

    I got some hectograph paper off them

    It arrived quick and it works thats all I can tell you!

    I got my kit off ebay here

    £66 for nearly everything you need and it arrived quick as well. I done a few tats with it and i'm no expert but it seems ok?

    Looking at the kit they do on trade express for £150 the inks are same as mine and all the other bits look similair just nicer power pack and machines?
  3. skinpix

    skinpix Premium

    had a good look through the site,hhmmmmmmmn......looks like most of the stuff is imported from china,if you look around on ebay you will find the same stuff for half the price.;)
  4. i am weasel

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    Bramley Hampshire
    Richard weller
    trade express goods


    Well what an experience my wife is having with this company, she ordered me a kit costing £498 three days before christmas with guaranteed delivery before christmas, never arrived, when she looked at the tracking number supplied it was delievered to a completely different address and they were shut until the end of December, finally got contact with them, they only use email, and they promised to send another one and a free machine to make up for the confusion, but to date she still has not received the kit as promised, shes been fed loads of rubbish from them, blaming parcelforce, apparently another one sent and supposed to have been delievered on the 6th January but we have not seen a thing, still trying to get her money back, so my advice is do not use them.

  5. WilD

    WilD Premium

    Hi Rich,

    that's a shame.... I did use them in the end for my kit - think mine was 350 ish - and it turned out to have 2 great machines in it. I had AJ check them out when I went down to Sheffield and he backed up that they were American machines - and one in particular he said was v good! (would have like to have it himself he said!).

    I would persist with them until you get this sorted - or else if you used paypal - just get them onto it and ask for your money back! You're covered up to £500 with pay pal guarantee - and generally the buyer always wins if you open up a dispute!

    My kit did have a dodgey power pack in it - but I threatened them with neg feedback - and I received a replacement next day! They also supplied a disk with free flash - 800 designs or something - but not sure it that comes with all their kits?

    Sorry to hear of your trauma with them - guess I'd give them a 8/10!

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