Are needles the only way to have a permanent tattoo?

Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by kahla26, 31 Jan 2009.

  1. kahla26

    kahla26 Guest

    How can i get a permanent one forever without a needle??
    Is it possible?
    Ps. I don't want a henna tat..
  2. Bexi

    Bexi Guest

    There is no way to get a permanent tattoo without needles. The ink is put into the layers under your skin via the needles. If you're going to get a permanent tattoo you're going to have to get used to the idea of needles.
  3. erinbebe14

    erinbebe14 Guest

    yea im pretty sure you need needles.
  4. if you want a permanent tattoo, then you'll have to use a needle.
  5. shelbanator?

    shelbanator? Guest

    yes needles are the only way
  6. Well they just haven't found a way to get the kittens to lick them on yet...

    Yes they have to use needles. Like 5 to 11 needles at a time....depending on what you are having done.
  7. B1u3Dr4g0n

    B1u3Dr4g0n Regular Member

    U:Du nless you can think of another way to get the ink under your skin....
  8. inked69er

    inked69er Premium

    tee hee

    ala kassam! magic words maybe

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