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Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by j3rz3y1, 25 Nov 2009.

  1. j3rz3y1

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    Benson, NC
    Frankie B
    Where are all of you , input to the website would be great . If you visiting drop a few lines down on something , its all good . I try to visit everyday so drop a note it will get read Davey pops in regularly as well as Lucy so lets talk. You can't get answers without Questions . Ed
  2. Morpheus59

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    Thanks guys. i will be reading all the info on here and posting questions to anything I don't find an answer to. Cheers.
  3. iamjaykane

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    Stockport UK
    Jay Kane

    How to I get more confident with my lining?

    I am happy with my shading but my line work needs a bit of help. I know the outline is a vital part of the tattoo and I want to be great at it!
  4. Davey

    Davey The boss Founder/Admin

    Pig skin! It is the most "realistic" medium for tattooing. It is nothing like tattooing "real" skin, but it is the closest you will get without ripping someone to bits in your first attempt.
  5. Pastelman

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    new to tattooing

    hi totally new to tattooing daughter bought me a kit for xmas, i find the practice skins very difficult to keep clean when attempting to tattoo , what should i use to clean as i work away at it.
  6. j3rz3y1

    j3rz3y1 Premium

    Benson, NC
    Frankie B
    Pig skin

    you will find that the practis skins are horoble.Most people in the UK use pig skin bought at morries stores you find them in the meat section . Im from the states where are you from ? If your just begining in the art of tattooing the yyou need to join its cheap an well worth it . Premeium members get all the good stuff ,The course alone is well worth it plus the extras an the helpful forums { not filled with stuffed shirts like most } all here just want to learn an we help each other acomplish just that so check us out lol . Ed :cool:
  7. Pastelman

    Pastelman Premium

    Hi thanks for reply I am from Glasgow ,I saw some some pigskin in Morrisons the other night I will get some and try it out. I have joined the site and enjoying reading the manual at the moment.
  8. WilD

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    May seem like a daft question - but how does the pig skin compare to tattooing human skin - those of you who have moved on to real people!!

    I just tried my first ever tat on pigskin - and found it quite tough in places and also found it difficult to get the ink in when colouring on some places - very uneven like?

    Wouldn't mind some comments? Thanks
  9. skinpix

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    hiya, pig skin is a lot harder to tattoo compared to real skin,the surface of pig skin tends to be hard...give it a good scrub with carex soap to make it a bit softer before use. If you can master the piggy,your on the right track.;)
  10. ASH13

    ASH13 Regular Member

    Im a beginner. Just ordered a kit today. Well, actually, Ive been a scratcher on and off since a teen.
  11. malagaspike

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    Malaga Spain
    For me personally i think pig skin can hold you back and even put you off tattooing. Although you cannot do much i think Bananas are better . They are good for practicing lining etc better still your own skin maybe top of leg. I am not saying do it but for me i gained more confidence from a friend who had loads of tattoos and wanted them colouring in. As long as you understand your machine set up and needles , this is a great way to build your confidence . Everybody who starts tattooing should have a passion for art work and should already have the basics of colours and shading . Once people know your passion for tattooing you will meet someone who is willing to have one coloured in . Starting somewhere small and not to important it will give you so much confidence and after a very short time you will find you are enjoying it and no shakes.
    Looking at alot of these photos posted by members there are some that are ready to step up . Absorb this training manual and know your own machines inside out . Good luck
  12. RTats

    RTats RTats Premium

    South West
    Hiya (I am in the UK).

    I personally use good practise synthetic skins, not the cheap 1 to 2mm stuff, to learn the technical side of the equipment. In fact when I have time and the tattoo type allows I do it on a practise skin first - sometimes multiple times - so I can try varying my approach, style, needle groupings, speeds etc. I dont use any green soap, just vaseline on synthetic stuff. Also I find that my machine speed is a little higher on practise skins or I slow up my hand speed a little as synthetic is definitely harder than real skin.

    All human skin acts differently and can vary depending on the person - in fact the same part of the arm varies from day to day - so I dont believe there are any hard and fast rules.

    I also believe that anything is better than real human skin if you havent learn about correct setup; needle depth and running speeds.

    After that, in my opinion, it comes down to a good stretch and very observant eye as there are often fine adjustments to speed etc that might need to made depending on needle types, skin condition, and parts of the body in question.

    Many tattooists can trace just fine and push out great tattoos - but I do believe if you want to be great you have to be a great drawer. I can certainly improve my drawing ability, but their is no doubt that have some ability has really saved my bacon.

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