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  1. Hi all what is the best black for tribals for staying black and packing in..........and what would you run the power pack at at the mo its on 6.2 and does sound good.Thats for lining for colouring the black 14rs set at 1.5mm and power on 8.5vlts is this ok.what do you think cheers steve.
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    Talens Black Ink

    I like Talens Black. I use it for lining and tribals. It seems to be the blackest of the black.
    As for volts, and machine speeds, its all trial and error. As mentioned a few times around here, it all depends what machine and how its set up.
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    New Image ONCE.

    You should NOT use a Lining ink for Colour packing.

    Use a lining ink for lining (as it contains something to stop it dispersing in the skin)
    Use a Colouring ink for Colour packing such as new image ONCE.
    I Also use Talens however I find that best for lining and Once for filling in.

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