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Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by Sonic, 27 Jan 2009.

  1. Sonic

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    Last night, i decided to do my first tattoo on real skin.

    It was of course on myself, but here is my question:

    This morning, the tattoo is still 'weeping'. When i dab it with paper towel, it is still black mixed in with blood and a watery substance. Is this normal?
    What can i do to stop the weeping?
  2. steve-d

    steve-d Regular Member

    hi there. i myself have had this problem in the past and can be caused by a number of things, the first is to make sure you follow ALL hygene rules and sterilize everything, if not sure then sterilize it again. i personaly only ever use new needles for every tattoo. disposable tubes are a good idea if you are not sure about the cleaning for now. secondly make sure you dont go too deep. this can cause the skin to react and the antibodies attack the ink as a forign object in the skin, lastly i have one client who has alergies and suffers from hay fever so he always has anti alergy tablets for at least a day before a session. this works very well and he no longer reacts to the tattoo process. hope this helps but remember...Cleanliness is your first option.
  3. sarahkls

    sarahkls Regular Member

    i think you may be going to deep as i had this problem i forund how to set the needle correctly and have nevr had this problem since, the needle should be barly coming out of the tube when still and the higher the voltage the further the needle will come out.
  4. B1u3Dr4g0n

    B1u3Dr4g0n Regular Member

    Some of the ones I give bleed also, so do some dont

    :eek: It all works out in the end, gotta get more use to the gun and holding it for long extended times. and keep the depth consistant....Practice make perfect
  5. Hope this helps

    Most properly gone in to deep and may have over worked tattoo,Ive done it myself Ive also found out using pepanthem a gream for nappie rash ect.Dont laugh.But it forms a seal over the tattoo and helps it heal better with less scapping.Works on me and some people great just try it any asda store ect.Hope this helps.By the way find it better than tatto goo and vas for the healing process.
  6. Starbuck42

    Starbuck42 Premium

    Steve, i always heard not to put anything on a new tattoo, because as it heals too quickly, it draws the ink out??:confused:
  7. petethepainter

    petethepainter Premium

    me too

    jhad this prob myself until i learnt to set the gun properly
  8. The machine maybe set proper but you could be going to slow urself and this can cause over working.And do use cream or vas,or tattoo goo this keeps it moist while healing and protects it i use the pepenthan when it drys out it is good.

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