Can You Mix Inks to Make Other Colours?

Discussion in 'Ink Related' started by WilD, 3 Feb 2011.

  1. WilD

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    Hi all,
    been wonderin about this one... can you mix inks to make other colours?
    I guess if it works like paint it should be ok? I understand the inks are mixed from pure pigments anyway - so it should work in theory? (Also would only be thinking of mixing one make/product - not mixing different makes incase of ingredients being different & cause imbalance)

    Yellow/red - orange
    black/white - grey etc etc?

    Anyone know if it would effect the tattoo long term?

  2. tat2zoo

    tat2zoo Premium

    Hi Dawn mixing inks is ok in most cases but a word of warning some makes just dont mix and bubble and spit when you try so just give them a try first
  3. Xaphaniel

    Xaphaniel Premium

    I have found myself its better to mix pigments of the same brand they don't always mix to well if you cross the different brands with some of them its the chemical make up as has been said some just take bad reactions to each other.

    i know for myself i tend to mix in white with other colours to lighten them up a tad and if doing some light areas of shading i use cocktail sticks dip it into the black say and mix it into the white ink pot if i want to go darker use another stick try it again until i get colour i am looking for i haven't tried as yet to make another colour from mixing two together not since i tried to make a magenta and it went horribly wrong thank godds was on practise skin
  4. itshurts

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    mixing colours used to be great and easy with powder colours ,proven and mostly safe .
    some of the inks now smell strange like ammonia and plastic.sticky as well .
    when you mix them they react like crazy and carry on reacting once they are in the skin .
    same make inks tend to be better ,try first on a mixing tray or colour cap and leave for a while .if separation occurs , its a no no .swirling and bubbles ,forget it.
    all the colours are differant chemical compounds , they all have disclaimers wrote on the bottles in tiny writing .:icon_smile:
  5. CherryBamboo

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    hiya all

    as said above its not recommend to mix different brands of ink bcus of reacting to each orther bcus of different chemical compounds ect,
    right but i read on here some people using a cheaper brand of ink with crap results then thay have said thay have tattooed over with a different better brand of ink

    so is it wise/ok to do this as its the same
    principal you are mixing to brands of ink in your skin,ive really been thinking about this.

    any thoughts or opinions


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