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  1. Hi all, a newbie here, I've recently tattooed a scorpion on my leg,which i'm quite pleased with as it was my first I did myself. The question is what is the best type of needle to use for colouring? as it seemed to take me ages using 13Mag and 8 round, i thought i'd coloured in a lot untill i wiped it and found there was hardly anything there. Also whats the difference between a Liner and a Shader machine? I have two machines supplied with a kit I brought. I hope someone can help, and yes I will eventually upgrade. Thanks in advance.
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    Can you post a picture of the tattoo, and we may be able to point you in the right direction as to why it may have taken a long time. 13 mag seems very big for a scorpion?
  3. Here is a pic

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    Something like this should be done as a beginner with a 9 round shader. As you develop, maybe a 7 mag, but 13 mag is WAY too big. If you can become a premium member, you will find the info you need. Its worth it, believe me!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm planning on doing some tribal work above and around the scorpion eventually.
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    premium membership

    to become a premium member does not cost much .Take it from a beginner its worth every pennie.theres alot in the book to help you get started,not to mention the downloads sections ,videos,flash an much more .Im from the states an i can tell ya we have nothing like this here ,its worth it join when you can but join if you are new to tattooing .:cool:
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    Would agree

    Yes - definitely worth the money to upgrade. The manual is very clear and gives loads of info.
  8. Just upgraded, what a fantastic site :thumbsup:

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