Do i need to steralize?

Discussion in 'Infection Control, Sterilization & Aftercare' started by Sonic, 27 Jan 2009.

  1. Sonic

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    Hi guys

    Has anyone bought a machine off ebay? and if so are they decent to work with?

    And about sterilization...please don't flame me for being ignorant but i just wanted to know, when using disposable tubes and needles, can i re-use them if i'm only planning to practice on fake skin or pig skin or fruits? Sorry if its a moronic question...I know tubes and needles are cheap anyways and its not worth saving couple of dollars and risking infection but with regards to fruit and fake skin can i re-use dispoable or metal tubes without Proper sterilisation. Of course when i do practice on myself or others disposables are one time use only DEFINITELY!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. steve-d

    steve-d Regular Member

    hi, the simple answer is yes. if you are only practicing on pig or fake skin then just make sure the tubes and needles are clean, ( to avoid dulling of the colour)i use an ultrasonic cleaner for this. they are cheap and used for cleaning jewelery. if you are tattooing on real skin EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN>>>>> then the answer is NO.NO.NO. any tattoo done on any person must follow all the hygene rules. clean and sterile. that way your reptutation will not suffer before you have had a chance to build it up.
  3. gkelly7

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    We all agree that need for steralization is a must...however when practicing on pig or fake skin obviously you can use the needle many times without need for steralizing.

    Only thing I would suggest is that if you are constantly using the same needle these could DULL with excessive use and the lines etc may not appear as "sharp" as they would with a new needle.

    Personnally I always throw mine away after use as they are cheap enough anyway.

  4. petrolhead19

    petrolhead19 Regular Member

    To be honest i would suggest using new needles etc each time even on pig skin and practicing, just so you get into the habbit of using all new sterilized equipment.
    There is a dodgy guy in preston that because he use same needles etc while practicing he got into the habbit of doing that so now when he tattoo's someone just out of habbit he will put the needle back in the packet to re use, this was told to me by one of my mates that knows him.

    Stay clean buddy
  5. jonturbo

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    Thats me never getting inked in Preston! lol
  6. Fozz

    Fozz Premium

    I live near Preston and have to go as far as Manchester before I find anyone I'd trust...... The shops are dire round here......
  7. petrolhead19

    petrolhead19 Regular Member

    +1 on that, paranoia and preston ink are the worse ones for it, if i want someone else to do a tattoo which i cant reach to do i go to my good friend that has a studio at home, the work he does is amazing and only charges £45 a sitting doesnt matter how long the sitting lasts, unless its a small tattoo so will be less.
  8. shawncooper78

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    Re: Do i need to sterlize?

    I think that till now you are done with your initial practice on pig's skin. So first off all don't prefer the machines which eBay offers. Those machines really sucks. And remember that sterlization must be on the top of your to do list.
  9. juanchanpunx

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    I don't think fruit and fake skin or piggie should have a problem with reused needle, I doubt they would complain :icon_cheesygrin:
  10. trefall

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    The question wasn't stupid because you clarified all your variables. I think most would agree on non human skin (unless of course you're tattooing high $ race horse lips, although I think they use chips now) you don't need to sterilize. BUT as Adam said, it could develop bad habits in the future. I guess it depends on your financials. If you can buy cheap disposables, throw them in your sharps. If not re-use them. JUST remember, when it comes time to tattoo human (you or someone else) you need to have a check-list or something so you don't get in to bad sterilization practices. My $ .02

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