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Discussion in 'Pig & Fake Practice' started by graeme, 15 Mar 2011.

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    Denny, Scotland
    Graeme McKay
    Thanks again to everyone for the friendly welcome. I have attached my first piggy practice. Got to admit, I was far too impatient, thawed the skin for 6 hours in cold water, gave it a few quick dabs with a tea towel and attacked it with a machine, no stencil (still waiting for the postman to bring the stencil stuff) no pen lines(think the skin was still too damp, pen wouldn't take) so just stuck a needle into the poor piggy and made some lines:eek:. I then tried a bit of shading after letting the skin dry out and the needles bounced off the skin and machine started spluttering.Like I say, a long way to go:) P110313_201951.jpg
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    Looks good for free hand mate well done! just imagine what you will do with the aid of a stencil. :clap::thumbsup:
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    well done

    You are bang on the money Graeme, with your practising, it is best to stay away from designs with long strait lines until you progress, saying that I used to practise the same sort of thing you have done but then on the spare bits of practise skin or piggy draw with a ruler some strait lines and just go for it, also triangles and squares because if you are using diamond (v) shaped tubes then this is a good way of practising the write direction you should be going in. Just until the stencil stuff comes try using some of you green soap or a squirt of green fairy mixed with dettol, I find it much better and a lot cheaper, great first effort, good luck for the future and enjoy yourself.

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    Hi Graeme

    That's a good first atempt, I have found that by soaking the pig skin in hot water straight from the freezer for about 10 - 15 mins is enough, then dry it with kitchen roll and apply stencil or marker pen whilst the skin is still warm. You will find that it's much easier to get a good stencil and you can use a skin marker, however the skin markers didn't work for me when the skin was cold. Keep practicing and look forawrd to seeing more of your work. Well done:thumbsup:
  5. WilD

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    Hi Graeme,
    think we're all a bit impatient to get going at first - so no different to anyone else! Not bad, but if you read all the posts about prepping the skin - like Pat says, its better a bit warmer - room temp, and a scrub with a scourer and hand soap I find works ok, before you start to apply your stencil fluid....

    Keep it up - will look forward to seeing the next one :thumbsup:
  6. graeme

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    Denny, Scotland
    Graeme McKay

    Thanks for all the great advice. I will definitely be trying the skin that way. Picked up a couple of grapefruits today mostly to practice tuning and getting a feel for the needles rather than waste some piggy, although I am lucky enough to have a butcher in the family who can supply as much as I want:cool:
    Regards to all.

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