First Portrait Type Tattoo

Discussion in 'Pig & Fake Practice' started by Tattooz, 27 Jan 2011.

  1. Tattooz

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    I have just found out that i love black and grey tattooing. I know this is just the start of something. I hope so anyway!

    My new years resolution is to bin the nerves, and if someone asks for a tatt, i simply say "yes". Instead of trying to put them off.

    Anyway, here goes. I used a 5RL and 7 Mag, but would have been better with a 9RS than the mag i think. Its just that it was in my machine already and couldn't be arsed setting another needle up. **Bad attitude**.

    marylines.jpg mary.jpg

    I really enjoyed seeing this one come to life, from an absolute nothing stencil.
  2. barcode1973

    barcode1973 Premium

    Nice work!

    pmsl at not wanting to go through the whole 90 seconds to change needles
  3. skinpix

    skinpix Premium

    Nice work....keep it up.:thumbsup:
  4. Xaphaniel

    Xaphaniel Premium

    Nice one keep it up doing work like that on piggy keep up with new year res and deep breathing get rid of the nerves and go for it

    just on a side note i have found with allot of folk if you work with round mags its more painful on the client for my self personally its a pain to whip shade with rounds so go with your original choice
  5. jamesb

    jamesb Premium

    jus on a cautius note about the "new yr res" be carefull not to get in above your depth you are doing some nice work on piggy :clap::thumbsup: full credit ;) but my biggest fear is telling some 1 ive kinda messed up there tattoo or it not quite right an cant finnish it,an i guess i would b thinking i didnt kno how i got into this mess because i havent quite yet learnt them skillls yet so don know how to get outa this mess. its not a put down in any way im mean the best i just dot want any1 getting themselfs into that situation it will knock the confidence massivly before people get it jus saying i guess build yourself up progress steadily start on "real skin" with simple desgns in "easyer" to tattoo places you will learn alot more that way as youl progress because you aint been knocked down like that
    jus my thoughts an outlook i meen the best for every1 id like to see every1 on here inc myself make it to become a respected and respectible tattoo artist bless and happy buzzing ;) :thumbsup:

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