First Tattoo: Need help and opinion?

Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by Zara, 31 Jan 2009.

  1. Zara

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    Hi, this is my first time getting a tattoo so I just want a small one on my half my chest (right side). Though, my price range is $150. Is that enough to cover your back (I don't want it but just asking)? And by showing your own design, will it cost more? What about coloring, hour and other stuff.

    Can someone just tell me how the pricing work in tattoo. I don't want to walk inside the shop and look like an idiot.
  2. Shop minimums range anywhere form $40 - $150.

    $150 is not enough to cover your entire back. I got a medium tattoo on my back for $135.

    Most places actually charge less for your own designs *not all*. All artists that I know hate it when people just walk in, and pick something off the wall.

    Color won't cost more unless your going from just an outline to fill it all in.

    Like filling it in with black is the same price as filling it with color.
    I usually only see places charge by the hour when it's a large tattoo.

    Don't be scared to walk in, and ask questions. You don't want to walk in thinking you know a lot when you don't know a thing.
  3. my small tattoo on my wrist and my hip each cost £35. Colour wasnt more, and my own design wasnt more.
  4. inked69er

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    in the uk for a back peice ur looking a £800 i quess from a good tattooist my first big tat was a half sleeve an that cost me £400 but the uk like to over charge:mad:
  5. Sonic

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    I pay around £50 per hour for my tatts.
  6. Amyjane

    Amyjane Premium

    I paid £120 for each 2 hour sessions, and I had 5 sessions, this only covers half my back! It was a custom made piece and didn't cost any extra!
  7. Supertatz

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    Can you set up a gallery in your User controls, and show us your tattoos.

    Ive just noticed that there are now two sections in the " Tattoo Show Off " area. The new section is for showing your own tattoos.

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