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Discussion in 'Suppliers & Product Ratings' started by barcode1973, 27 Feb 2011.

  1. barcode1973

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    I have just forked out a few bob on a load of skin candy ink (including some uv ones hmmmm) and i'm now thinking about getting a new liner and I have seen a few nice looking glyn flew machines on ebay including a few mini liners with shorty coils.

    Anybody got one or heard anything about them? The feedback all seems good? I'm looking to spend around £100 on something I need to feel / see the difference between a good machine an my £20 looking thing!

    Sorry I also forgot to mention mon_tattoo on ebay he has shorty cutback lightweight liner that looks pretty decent for £60 have a look and tell me this doesnt look super?

    and finally (sorry again) will I have any trouble with full plastic tubes and grips with any of these would you think as I have seen the odd machine saying not suitable for plastic grips (not the ones mentioned above)

    ok last one is this real u think?
  2. Patrick

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    Tattoo Machines

    Hi Lee
    That machine looks good and solid, but before you buy have you had a look at the esill machines that Supertatz sells. I bought a liner and shader for £65 and I think she might have one pair left even cheaper. They are good machines have used them everyday for last 6 weeks and no problems. Worth a look and could save you a few quid. Since using these I dont ever use the machines that came in my kit.
  3. MrSpoon

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    i have 3 glyn flew machines and cant fault them atall, hes a well known british custom machine maker and has nothing but good reviews so i dont think you'd be wasting your money atall. but... i've not tried the machines you or patrick have mentioned so i can't compare etc
  4. barcode1973

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    I have checked supertatz I dont think they have any machines 4 sale at the moment?

    Also no one had commented on the custom made lightweight shortys that guy is selling? The story he tells looks real enough and makes sense and 166 grams really does seem light but will it absorb the vibrations as well?

    I really want to up my game a bit and I have been doing online art lessons every day, I can't wait to post some new work with some good inks and a bit of shading!

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