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  1. lordbaalnox

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    This is a tattoo I did a while ago, it was probably ambitious but I had to do it.

    The stencil application was okay but started to wear off towards the end, I now use a strong mix of green soap and leave it on a lot longer to get a better stencil. This took 3hrs to achieve. I had to build up the lines as some were shakey but with the shading and colour application it all helped to hide the line imperfections. Nerves seem to get the better of me at the start of a tattoo but once I get into it they calm down.

    I know I could of done better. The friend I did this piece on was over the moon with it though and so was his family so I guess...........

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  2. Deziner

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    Oouuchhh! That middle bit looks like it took some hammer...
  3. lordbaalnox

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    It was one of the first tattoos I done on real skin so I probably packed it in LITTLE hard but its okay he never complained much lol

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