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Discussion in 'Designs & Stencils' started by Patrick, 10 Mar 2011.

  1. Patrick

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    tattoo pics.jpg

    Any ideas for covering this up? I am doing a sleeve but somehow need to cover up or at least disguise this as part of the job. I though about maybe a Koi and some lotus flowers & cherry blossoms because it is hopefully going to be a Japanese sleeve. The colour is lighter than it shows on this photo. He would prefer black & grey, but not to bothered if colour would work better. I really want to make a good job of this because the local "pro" won't touch it because it was done by a "scratcher" and I want him to go back to the pro and tell him that another scratcher done it. Obviously he wont know it was me. And the guys a complete A**hole in fact he has his head up there, so it would be really satisfying. Not many people p*ss me off but "pro tattoo artists" or at least most of them seem to succeed.
    Any help, advice & ideas with this will be very much appreciated.


  2. jamesb

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    hmmmm tricky 1 that mate i will have a ponder on it, but thinkin along the lines of a panther covering it and you could mabe make a chest plate and half sleeve out of it with a koi and flowers and stuff ;) but will need to b quite a big piece to cover it or "loose"it and yea fully agree would be pritty cool to send him bk sayin yup a 'scratcher' don my kickass tattoo :thumbsup:
  3. mxtattoo

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    I recon you would cover that with a large koi with scattered black scales and black & grey waves im no expert but have seen some amazing coverups done with black and grey koi's.
  4. skinpix

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    Hi patrick,
    personally i would tell them to have some laser treatment on it first,just to lighten it up a bit......either that or cover it with more it is,that's gonna be a bitch to cover.;)
  5. WilD

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    couldn't you design something 'around' it like a dragon or snake - so you lose some of it, but make it look like it's meant to be there? Like wrap it round and through?

    Know it's not the same but Reaper's dragon works well with the tribal piece along side?.....
  6. Reaper G

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    N.e lincs
    Paul g
    That's kind of the look I was going for when it's all done I was going to break off some of the orignal tribal and put them behind the dragon so it's wrapping in between the tribal insted of the dragon just being behind it all the good thing with tribal is you can spread out from it I would keep it and incorporate something around with cover ups you tend to see the original tattoo underneeth it it would be easier for you to do it this way
  7. Patrick

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    Hi everyone

    Thanks for all of you for the advice, I have quite a few ideas to to think about now.
    This site and members are so good, every tatt shop he has been to for help have basicly told him to P**S off, yet one request on this forum and you get all the help you need. I will post pic of whatever the outcome is.
  8. Deziner

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    To be honest, i would think any cover up on that would not work at all, unless it was really dark and bold. Sometimes, a coverup just makes things look worse, and impossible to disguise.

    Have you though of just reworking it. Simply by making the original tattoo more flowing, with nice lines and points?
    If you use a 7RL, you should be able to tidy it up. Then add a nice red,green or blue infill shadow, and a few extra bits, to take the focus from the star that wasnt meant to be.

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