Hi All

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rondog, 25 Sep 2009.

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    Hi All
    just thought i would intrduce myself as it says on the opening page

    My name is Ron but you all guessed that from my username. Been intrested in tattooing for about a year now even though im getting old lol. not bad at art but not the greatest at puting pencil on paper.

    Anyway i did it and sent for a kit which arrived today, all looks good, so will start and practise when i get a bit of time off work. hope to have some good input for the site like the rest of you only time will tell, been reading a lot of the threads on the forum and will upgrade to subscriber soon as im gonna need all the help one can get.

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    Benson, NC
    Frankie B
    welcome Ron

    Welcome to the site Ron glad to have you . I saw your other post about the gap but im from the states so of no help to you on that mater . Our currency is diferent buy how much im not sure but diferent just the same but im sure you will get plenty of responce to this problem . Great lot of people on here .

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