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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tugg, 30 Jul 2009.

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    Hi, Like I said I know next to nothing about tattoo's though I have always had an interest in the art my friends and family always tell me I should give it a go as I have always been good at art and also pretty handy with an airbrush. though not sure how much this helps
    I noticed the tattoo course on ebay and have found myself on here .
    Even though I have only looked on here for a matter of minutes I can see it's a hell of alot friendlier than some other tattoo forums that I only had a glance in and saw that most of the members had their heads stuck so far up their own a holes and as soon as a noob come on they got shot down in flames as if they had forgotten they were beginners once .rant over
    Any how ,about the course ,id it only available to down load ,or can I get my hands on a physical copy.?
    Also I have seen cheap tattoo kits on ebay , are they any good or should I steer well clear, if so where and what do you recommend.?
    Cheers in advance
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    Tattoo Manual Download

    Welcome to the site Colin. Yes, you will find this website the friendliest on the net for "Noobs".

    The tattoo manual is only downloadable, but will only take a matter of seconds. I think if you buy it through Ebay, Lucy sends the files on a cd. I got the files within 2 minutes of paying, because as soon as payment is sent, this site opens up all kinds of hidden content for you to enjoy, including the downloads area, and loads of other stuff.

    As for the Ebay tattoo kits, we already have a thread here.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.
  3. tugg

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    I just read the thread on the kits,thanks that made it abit easier to decide ,I've just bought the course so hopefully that might clear up a lot o f things .
    cheers Colin

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