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  1. Yes another novice. Looking forward to getting as much help as pos. I only got into it to save money, by finishing off an original japanese sleeve, but after practicing on a piece of pig skin, I did nt do too bad, (even if I do say so myself). I could even make a bit of extra cash. I am enjoying learning a new skill at my age 47, wish I did it years ago. Feel free to help........
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    Hi Im 56 an a new learner but love it .Wife bought me a kit 2 years ago an i get as much practice as i can [still haven't done any shading tho ] but my son said he would be my ginny pig for that so hope to start training in shading soon . Its fun an yes may make some money off it soon . :nuts: I have earned enoug to replace ink an needles buy a second machine an all but realy haven't shown a real profit yet hope i get alot better in the inking so i can . :banghead:

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