how long have we all been tattooing

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    iv been learning about a year iv only tattooed myself an pratice materials.i have been drawing all my life i love drawing an i thought if i could put them skills in2 tattooing i would be very good:cool:.but its alot different it helps with the designs as i do alot of them witch one day i can hopfully put into use. :biggrin:
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    how long let me see

    I did my first tattoo on my brother about 40 years ago my dad took to me with a belt an that stoped me dead for around 38 years LOL. Been about 2 years since i bought a kit done around 25 tats is all since then all plane janes .I need to bring my shading skill up ann this forum is the first place ive found that actually gives solid an real advice. I am fixing to go to the VA hospital soon but as soon as i get out im buying the book .All in all i think ive found a home were the people are real an the info is supper the Help you all offer is great an i got it stored in my brain for future referance .thanks all for the input . Ed
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    I started learning about 2 years ago. A tattoo artist sold me his two spare machines (a liner and a shader) and taught me all about sterilization before he explained anything about the actual machine or tattooing someone. He then taught me how to set up and hold the machine and lastly the bridge. But he left the country and never got a chance to learn the tattooing process.

    I have used fake skin and it's terrible to use. I am vegeterian so won't use pig skin and I have a few tattoos on my legs. My problem is solid and decent lining!

    I did a tattoo on my wife's hand last night, it was only a small 01 and I think it went quite well and she seems to love it.

    But it's great to actually find a forum that helps and doesn't just insult us!
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    I just started and I can't seem to get it out of my head!!! I did one on my wifes hand also and its okay I can do better and I did one my leg its okay but I can do better. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to art so I 'am my own worse critic so I just would love to get this down pack so I can do some good work for people. I have a nice crowd waiting and hounding me about when am I going to be ready.:eek:
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    I think we all go through the same motions. As soon as people know you have a tattoo machine, they think you are an expert! It hard to say no to people, because they just dont understand why.

    Its amazing really.

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