I Have No Clue How to Make Pics in Smaller Pixels

Discussion in 'Tattoos I've Done' started by j3rz3y1, 26 Feb 2011.

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    Ok i gave up trying to figure out photoshop to make pixles smaller any help would be app. :cry: Anyway my avatar is the forth tattoo i did on myself ,i wasn't sure how else to show some of the work ive done on me an others,HELP. :(
  2. WilD

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    ok Ed, this is how I upload pics - there are prob many other ways which the others will no doubt explain...

    Go into to 'my profile' (top of your page when logged into forum).

    Go to Albums and click on 'more'

    Click 'add album' - put in title/description then click 'save changes'

    Now.. click 'upload pics' - 'Add files' - it will allow you to select from file on your pc or an internet image - click on the image/file - you will see the image upload. Select the one you want to put into album (tick the box) and drag it to the bottom where is says 'attachments'.
    Click 'done' - and thats it.

    From here - if you want to post to the forum, when you select image/add image it will allow you to chose from images in your albums - or pc - or internet in just the same way.
    Just select. As long as the image file size is not too large, you should have no probs! Hope this helps you :thumbsup:
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    I email my pics to myself and make them smaller that way

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