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    could anybody out there help me to find out about getting into tattooing please.i have been interested in this for a long time but never have had the opportunity to do it.i live in west yorkshire and if anybody knows of any tattoo artists or college courses i would be most grateful.many thanks mark
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  3. Micknoble

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    Sams Tattoo

    13 Carlton Road
    Worksop S80 1PD
    01909 530 999

    These guys are every helpful and also do training courses in tattoo and piercing
    Hope this helps
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    Hi i have just been to A.J at UTAT2 and I had a fantastic time, it was all one to one teaching, very hands on and very honest, you don't tattoo real skin for the first day but you can take another course to do that. The course covers everything from the equipment you use to everything you need to know about health and safety, for the price it gives you a real good grounding, and also it gave me more confidence, if you can go for it.


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