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  1. Guinness

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    Hi all
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn to tattoo

    I have only just joined and down loaded the course (which for the price of a Pac of fags and a ½ pint of beer I can NOT fault it.)
    I have a tattoo kit and done some work on practice skin and pig skin – I found both very good, but the pig’s skin was a lot easier to colour / shade.

    My question is this.
    I have bought some ink (from powerline Tattoo supplies) the super bright range.

    I bought the 60ml bottles of ink and I had the idea that it may be a good idea to get a larger white and tone down my colours e.g. dark blue to light blue, dark green to light green etc......
    I bought the 15ml bottles and then I saw on a forum the other day that you should not mix your inks!
    Can anyone advise me before I do mix them and scrap £35 worth of ink!

    On saying that I can’t do any harm on the pig skin but I would have to buy new when it comes to the real thing.
    Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find anything about this subject.
  2. j3rz3y1

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    Frankie B
    if the ink is the same brand its fine to mix them but different brank use different types of ink so it is not wise to mix different brands of ink:p
  3. Deziner

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    Norwich - UK
    Yeah, same answer from here. But just mix small amounts of lights as you need them. (Do it in the ink pot) unless of course it is a bigger tatt and you will need consistency.
    If you watch dvds such as nate beavers or josh carlton, they hardly ever use straight colours.
  4. Guinness

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    I take your advice and thank you very much and I will stick to the rule.

    but just for my own curiosity is it a dangerous thing to do.

    the ink that came with the kit is KASHOHU

    thanks to battlemedic & Deziner for your responce


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