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Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by steveo44, 6 Jun 2009.

  1. Right just got the course,good job im not busy tommorow some reading going on,just fliked through looks great.:D
  2. DavidE

    DavidE Premium

    Nice to see you took the plunge Steve. Its worth the money, trust me!

    I found the best way to read it was to buy a cheapo ream of paper and print it off in sections. Its so much easier to read. Doesnt take long before its all printed for eassy reference.

    Its worth the money i think, just for the flash.....:cool:
  3. nice one just need to thank you.THANKYOU CRAZY FROG.
  4. inked69er

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    i did the same printed it all out an its in my couse folder its alot better then reading it an scrolling down on the pc an easy if u want to flick back to a section an check something

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