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Discussion in 'Machines, Equipment & Setup' started by sneeks18, 7 Mar 2009.

  1. sneeks18

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    if my machine stops and i have to flick the armeture bar for it to start to work again what could the problem be
  2. Slinky

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    If your machine stops and the bar needs a jump start, then i would have a stab at the contact screw being worn, or a cheap one. Try getting a silver one, or a better quality one.

    Another option maybe to alter the gap between the spring and the contact screw. This will affect your machine tho, and may need a bit more power to compensate.

    Im no pro myself, but these seem the most likely options. I find that stripping the machine down to nothing and re building it teaches me quite a lot about little problems like these.
  3. inkstar

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    other thing you can do is to bend the back spring up a little or the back spring may have a crack in it also is every thing in a line , a pic will help its hard to say but give it a go, ive found if the machine run well but needs a jump start ,you need more power ,but in saying that if you have say7v 0r 9v and its doing that check the arm'bar is over the coils right , if so start bending your back spring up and tune it ive found this works when doing shaders that i want to run at low volts but still have lots of wack
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  4. Tarantula

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    Some cheaper coils stay magnetised for a while, so make sure you havent screwed the contact screw down so tight that the gap between coil and a-bar is too small. If its not sticking to the coil it may just be that contact screw needs tightening, some people like to run their machines with a flick to get it started.

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