My 1st tattoo

Discussion in 'Tattoos I've Done' started by Jay, 29 Oct 2009.

  1. Jay

    Jay Regular Member

    Well dont go to hard on me people :)
    This is my 1st attempt at tattooing real skin, its on myself.
    Some spots were awkward to get to...

  2. pompey1902

    pompey1902 Premium

    im sorry mate but im finding it really hard to belive that you done that yourself on your own stomach
  3. Starbuck42

    Starbuck42 Premium

    I was thinking exactly the same!

    Here goes the challenge..... Find that image on the internet!

    If you did do it Jay, you did very well mate.
  4. Jay

    Jay Regular Member

    Well i dont know what to say, its defintely my body and it was defintely me who done it.
  5. Deziner

    Deziner The Bitch! Premium

    Norwich - UK
    Tell u what, why dont u write "Learn To Tattoo" on your belly, and post it here? LOL
  6. pompey1902

    pompey1902 Premium

    it would be impossible for you to do that on yourself jay, for a start you would have to be leaning forward to do it otherwise you wouldnt be-able to see what you are doing, as when you have a tattoo done on your stomach you have to be laying down so the skin is at its flatest it does not matter how skinny a person is when you sit up-right there will always be a small roll.

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