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Discussion in 'Pig & Fake Practice' started by Patrick, 27 Feb 2011.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Premium

    tattoo pics 2249.jpg This is my latest tattoo, trying to practice colour rather than black & grey. Used 5rl, 9rs & 11mag. Any comments or advice very welcome.
    Thanks Pat
  2. Reaper G

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    N.e lincs
    Paul g
    looks good i like the way you have made it look like a oil painting no harsh lines i found with the yellow its hard to get a 3d effect with it due to it being such a light colour but if you put orange shades in with it it really puts depth into it like it well done:clap:
  3. j3rz3y1

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    Benson, NC
    Frankie B
    I agree

    Well done ,where you get such a big peace of piggy from :clap:
  4. Patrick

    Patrick Premium

    This piece of piggy came from Morrisons and rather than the usual 3 rolls in a pack there were only 2 in this one so they are slightly bigger. If I go into Morrisons around 9am they haven't usually cut the skins to size so you can buy it in big pieces about 2ft long. In fact I order mine the night before and they will package it at whatever size you want. It's no problem for them because it's sold by weight.
    The unfortunate thing is the slits that are in it, this happens during the processing at the meat factory, I have asked Morrisons if they can get it without the slits but apparantly not. Occasionally you get the odd smooth piece which is how I managed to get a better finish on the elephant tattoo. Ed I know you don't have Morrisons in the USA but have you tried going direct to the abbatoir if they have one nearby?
  5. WilD

    WilD Premium

    Hey Pat, that's cute! Like that you have worked without solid black outline - more arty!
  6. mxtattoo

    mxtattoo Premium

    looks good

    Hi patrick looks good mate:thumbsup: you said you are getting your skin from morrisons in the packs! if you go to the butchers section and ask them they will pack up a full piece for you they are about 20 inches long by about 8 inches wide and are about 85p each.:thumbsup:

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