My Outlining, Positive Result.

Discussion in 'Lining, Colouring & Shading' started by Tattooz, 20 Mar 2011.

  1. Tattooz

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    I have just kicked myself.....
    I was having a play on the old piggy earlier on, for the simple reason that my outlining has been turning out pretty poor in the last couple of tatts i have done, to the stage where i started turning people down, with any old excuse.

    I kept myself an hour to one side, and was determined to find out the reason why, as i have usually been fine with it. I havent done any tatts for around a month or so, and bad lines were really pissing me off.

    Anyway, i started off with a 5RL with a Glynn Flew liner, at my normal speed. They were quite thin lines for a 5, so i cranked the m/c up to 10v, which seemed too much revs to me, did the lines again, and they were quite faint.

    This time i knocked the volts down to 9v, and moved my hand alot slower. I could have head butted the wall! The lines were brilliant! All that time, and it was simply hand speed. The difference in line thickness and blackness is absolutely unbelievable. Thats me in a very good mood, and can see me being busy this week.

    I was thinking of going to see AJ, as this seems the perfect time for a refresher mi thinks!
    I have been reading pretty good things about the AJ experience around here, and the added bonus is that i live in the same City, around 4 miles away. :kiss:
  2. WilD

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    Hi Dave,

    I suffer from the same problem with lining! I can't seem to slow my needles down consistently - so thanks for the above - will consider a bit more line practice myself! Re AJ - definately recommend it! Take a mate along and do a tat - he'll watch over and guide you and maybe point out something daft which could make a huge difference to your tattooing? :thumbsup:
  3. Daz

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    Hi Dave

    Had the same issues this wknd, f*cking pig skin as tough as Rambo crossed with a Staff Bull Terrier. :mad: I got some different pig skin today never changed the volts etc even used the same needle, and it was 100% better.

    Someone gave me a tip about running the skin under hot water first to soften it up again this helps.

    keep it up mate :thumbsup:
  4. skinpix

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    For lining,i normally go at around 7-8 volts,slow & steady,if you try to do lines quick they will be really thin & scratchy.....Also,when lining,always have a start & stop point,to work from & to (if that makes sense).
  5. Kaz

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    I can relate to this topic. I had presumed that being confident whilst lining would lend toward smoother more confident lines being produced. However yesterday I slowed right down and produced some much more solid and smoother lines. Happy days!
  6. skinpix

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    Hi Karen,
    slowly does it......well done....if you are moving quickly over the skin,you are not putting enough ink in....whereas with soft shading,you should move quickly over the skin so you do not put lots of ink in.:thumbsup:

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