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Discussion in 'Tattooing Technique' started by sutcliffe, 10 Oct 2010.

  1. sutcliffe

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    hi to all, ive been doing tats now with kuri sumi inks and they seem to be patchy or really faint when healed up, also ink runs out of the skin aswell can anyone tell me why this is.

    also can anyone tell me why certain inks seem to be thicker than others as the thin inks dont take to skin.

    many thanks alan
  2. Islandman

    Islandman Regular Member

    Hi Alan,
    without seeing what you are doing makes for a difficult reply. I use Kuri sumi for outlining and shading without any problems, unless I go shallow into the skin.
    Try a hair deeper and see what happens. My knees took quite a hammering to see what happens when you outline at different speeds and depths.
  3. Swampy

    Swampy Regular Member

    Just a thought. You aren't using Kuri grey shade ink are you? Also as Islandman says, it is very hard to give an answer if we cant see the problem. Take a pic and add it to your post, and more than likely the answer jumps out.
    Speed and depth are usually the culprits. Even a tight band helps.
  4. jamesb

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    just a thought,,,,,,,,,,,,

    are they genuine kuru sumi inks?? or knock off copy's bought off ebay ????
    were they purchased from a repitable ink supplyer ???

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