Pestige medical autoclave

Discussion in 'Previous Archives' started by Rondog, 17 Mar 2010.

  1. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    I have for sale a prestige medical autoclave, its the 2100 classic.

    all in excellent working condition, selling due to upgrading looking for £200 plus postage which will be around £15 if anyones intrested but thats uk only people


    also got a job lot of tips ,tubes and tips looking for around £25 for these


    though i would give people first dibs on here before they hit the evil bay

  2. Swampy

    Swampy Regular Member

    How much you wanting Ron?
  3. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi Swampy i did put pictures up and a price but never mind looking for 200 for it, did cost over 600 but im never gonna get any where close
  4. Lucy Locket

    Lucy Locket Founder/Admin

    Hiya Ron.
    You say you put up pics and a price??
    Did you get errors or something, because we haven't been notified of any.
    Was it something at our end, why the images aren't showing or did you remove them?:confused:
  5. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi Lucy pictures are still there when i hit the edit button but not showing up normally.

    ive sold this now didnt think it would take long at that price they got a bargin and half

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