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Discussion in 'Tattooing Technique' started by Reaper G, 23 Feb 2011.

  1. Reaper G

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    Paul g
    Hay all was wondering about thin writing I mean the type that's not small enough to just getaway with a large outline is there a way of doing this without going round it all with a really fine liner cheers
  2. mon-tattoo

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    cumbria uk
    fine writing

    How fine a writing are you looking for, mind tattoos will blur over age,,,,,,,,,
    so I would recommend for very fine wrinting using a 3 round liner............hope this hepls. Yvonne
  3. Albionwolf

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    If your Just starting out try and stay away from really small writing as there is not much room for error it's like stars people just starting out think there easy and there one of the hardest things to make look good as there is no room for error at all unless it's a solid filled one

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