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  1. Starbuck42

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    Ive just been having a good read through the forum, and cant believe how bad the spelling is of some users.

    To say we are meant to be learning how to tattoo, surely part of that process is taking your time, and making sure things are spelled correctly. OK, maybe an odd word here and there, but some of these posts are nearly unreadable!

    Before you all start going through my posts to find mistakes, like i said odd words dont bother anyone, but FFS. :angry:
  2. Lucy Locket

    Lucy Locket Founder/Admin

    :thumbsup: Ha Ha, totally agree!
  3. schwartzy

    schwartzy Premium

    London, England
    I used to know someone with a 'too fast to live, too yong to die' tattoo...
  4. jamesb

    jamesb Premium

    have you maybe took into consideration that sum of us do have some spellening difficultys me inc i spell things how they sound its not perfect granted but it getts my by also its not our gramer cappabilitity that were here any yes i always get some1 to write out somthin if they get it tattood sorry but in my case yull hav to bare with my spellin and typeing cappabilitiy im sure yull soon get to know what i meen but i do try if its somthing ive posted and qwite likey is me please feel free to mssg me and ask me to try and retype wah i ment ;) if you dont understand it ;) bless
  5. stealth

    stealth Premium

    I get texts from people & to be honest i hav'nt a clue what they are saying :icon_rolleyes:
  6. tattytone

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    sunny essex
    I have not really taken much notice of it,when reading post's i always know what they mean,and some people cant help not being great at spelling, but i am sure it wont effect any tattoos they do,i for one would always tell a tattooist how to spell what i want and check it prior to work going ahead.

    Its easy to do Ive done it, hit wrong keys, over tired, not having glasses on lol

    Not really an issue for posts on forums.
  7. msrsimpkin

    msrsimpkin Premium

    Stoke on Trent
    I had noticed, simply because I'm a bit of a grammar/ spelling nazi with myself. I double and triple check my posts before I hit submit, often going as far as using spellcheckers, etc. if I'm unsure of a word. But, that being said, I never hold it against people if they have trouble with spelling. I mean, my husband's dyslexic :icon_razz:

    However, lack of punctuation does somewhat urk me, simply because I have to dissect and re-read everything just to make sense of it. I completely understand if someone has difficulty with spelling, but a punctuation makes even the worst spelt sentences easier to understand.

    My general rule of thumb is - add a comma or full stop where you would take a pause if you were to say the sentence out loud. It doesn't matter which, as long as there's something to show where one sentence ends and another begins. [SIZE=-3]
  8. skinpix

    skinpix Premium

    Two words...........spell..... checker......:icon_cheesygrin:
  9. itshurts

    itshurts Regular Member

    hi all
    spelling mistakes are terrible ,i see them weekly.
    its so simple to buy a spell checker .dictionary.phone a friend
    few that i have seen by include
    Brian = brain
    Chelsea = chalcea
    Jordan =joorden
    Plymouth =pymouth
    Tracie =tracy
    Kyle =cyle ,this was a huge lower back piece
    the list is endless ,sentences squashed up because ran out of room,names in scrolls
    going from big to small , ran out of room . words the wrong way round .
    its quite shocking and the person sat there and let them do it after checking in a mirror ,
    another one union jacks coloured in the wrong colours ,blue where red is supposed to be .then they have put blue over red and its gone purple ,ha.
    latest this week was a polynesian pattern with black shade in a piece that was supposed to be left clear , messed the whole pattern up.
    in the past Celtic patterns with extra lines , the person did not even notice they were there.
    a three legged dragon that had been on for 20 years and they had not noticed that either . it was a whole chest piece and arm .
    deformed legs on panthers ,extra toes . portraits that look like horrorgrams . thats the wife .terrible .
  10. wrightink

    wrightink Premium

    Hey alex, tracy can be spelt with a 'y' . that is how my mother inlaw spells her name . . i guess it comes down to how the person wants to spell it when it comes to names.
  11. TexasPT

    TexasPT Donator Premium

    I typed spill chick and it came out just fine. :)

    Forums are communication and not written documents. As long as your message can be relayed to the reader there is no reason to get worked up over grammatical errors. I was an English major in college and it always bugged me when people felt the need to correct others. If you know what's being said, move on.

    Life's too short to get caught up in silly little details.

  12. inkstar

    inkstar Premium

    mate our skill is tattooing artwork some of the best artists ive seen cant read or spell at all '' but man can they draw and tattoo '

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