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    if i only use disposable tubes and needles do i need an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner. I have plastic covers for my machine and chords. how can i clean the machine without an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner.
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    Well it sounds like you have it pretty much covered with disposebles you shouldn't need an autoclave or sterilizer as far as the machine gose im not to sure but since you have that covered as well your pretty much set I would think :banghead:
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    I would say, depending where you are, you would still need an autoclave to become registered.
    As for cleaning the machine, you would need a stong disinfectant, followed by alcohol, applied with cotton buds or the like, and as you said, the machine bags.

    If i were your client, i would feel safer if i knew there was a way of killing 99% of bugs tho. :cool:

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