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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dslcabrio, 24 Apr 2010.

  1. dslcabrio

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    Hi Everybody

    I would like to get more tattoos and my wife would like to learn how to tattoo. I could be interested in becoming a model for someone who is learning to tattoo and passing skills onto my wife, if this is of interest then please come back to me, I live in the middle of england and would not want to travel too far, cheers David
  2. art_class

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    Gosh, you are brave!
    Pin cushion comes to mind. I find that its not hard to find people willing to be tattooed, as they feel they are getting something for nothing. Getting a tatt is quite expensive, so volunteers are more than willing to lend some practice skin. :)
  3. dslcabrio

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    Not really brave

    Just keen to learn and help others on the way as well. I have downloaded the manual and I am impressed, top quality stuff and something we will be following. We are also about to buy a kit soon so hooking up with someone who is a bit further down the learning trail would be great and getting tattooed is what it is all about. I have quite a few tattoos already that are outlined and need to be shaded and coloured so perhaps that is a way to get going.
  4. Koi

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    Like Angie said, you are brave! :eek:

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