Tattoo Pain Relief????

Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by barcode1973, 30 Jan 2011.

  1. barcode1973

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    I found this page the tattoo shop page

    Now obviously this isnt for me coz i'm hard as nails and I don't even flinch when i'm getting tattooed (honest!)

    But lets say I have a "friend" (really big inverted commas) who is a bit of a wuss, do these things actuallyy do anything does anyone know?

    I know we all have different paint thesholds and I have a friend who was meant to be "hard" who has the oultine of the body only of an eagle on his shoulder (HIS SHOUDER FFS! and we're talking a small eagle) because he couldn't stand the pain!

    Should I feel ashamed for even asking? They also reckon they reduce swelling and aid healing?
  2. MrSpoon

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    no idea if those ones work but i've read good reviews on a product called "dr numb"

    my brother had this tattoo done on his chest and he used some kinda of numbing stuff, lasted 10 minutes and he had to suffer for 8 hours haha

    [​IMG]!/photos.php?id=21377148064 <-- more photos from the same studio.
  3. barcode1973

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    lol @ 10 mins

    They reckon there lasting an hour? 10 minutes aint worth having. some people can't hack the first dig though so it might help. I've heard people saying your pain threshold reduces (can't spell deteriorates) after time but in my experiance after the first 10-20 mins it hurts less (not that it hurts that much at all coz as previously mentioned i'm harder that a elephant in a stab vest with a rocket launcher)
  4. Tattooz

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    Like has already been said, they do work, but not for long. My sister in law brought some stuff along when i did her a tatt. It was used for her grandaughter who had an illness that she needed to be injected quite a bit, and the hospital gave her the numbing gel. It lasted around 10 mins, but once you get past that, you have had the initial "ouch" period anyway.

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