Tattoo peeling and ink coming out.

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  1. Please help i dont think this is normal my tattoo is now peeling and scabbing. but alot of the pink ink is coming off in places and i can see my skin where the ink used to be. im starting to regret having it done im so annoyed. i dont even know what creams to use because ive been told by so many people to use something else!! i am currently using savlon and e45 ive heard vaseline is good but i dont know if its vaseline intensive care or vaseline jelly!

    I dont know what to do im so annoyed with it
  2. Roy J

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    if a tattoo is done right it shouldnt scab, just peel
  3. shanaloc

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    I have always used lubriderm it works great. You can always have it touched up after it heals, for free. I have my work done by ClubTattoo her in Tempe, AZ
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    It should be peeling a little, but not too much. I used savlon, but any unscented moisturising stuff should be fine. When you put the cream on it don't over do it - you're just trying to soften the scab a little so it doesn't crack as much. If you're messing with it too much that might explain why it's losing ink.
    Also, don't pick the scabs, let them come off in their own time. If you pull scabs off you'll pull ink out with them and get gaps in your tat like you described in the pink areas. It depends where your tat is but if its somewhere the skin is getting stretched a lot it's pretty hard to avoid some cracks. You can get it touched up after it's fully healed.
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    Everyone is different

    :eek: everyones skin is different. Some people bleed more, some dont, if your a bleeder your gonna scab , thats the way it is....,And if your trying to get a color to stick like white or yellow...some people go deeper with them. Depending on shading also .....:D
  6. Hi, I have always used petroleum jelly on my tattoos for the first 3 to 4 days then It starts peeling then I use moisturiser and I'm usually healed in 7 days.

    Hope this helps

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