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Discussion in 'Anything Else (Tattoo Related)' started by Daz, 1 Mar 2011.

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    Has anyone ever attended any of these crash courses in tattooing, I have read like most on here that scratchers should not be given the light of day and apprenticeships is the only way forward. Lets be honest an apprenticeship is as hard to come by as rockin horse sh!t.

    Courses range from 1 day to 2 weeks I know most tattooist will say it takes years to become a pro which i dont doubt, but from personal experiance i was told you cant learning plumbing in two weeks however i done the course retrained and 5 years on im not only am co director or worcester plumbing but run a gas safe training centre training plumbers gas engineer etc. so dont tell me a 2 week course dont work.

    Any info would be great on these centres.
  2. MrSpoon

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    i've never attended a tattoo training course but i can also verify short courses do give you the basic knowledge to progress into a new trade, i did a 4 day tiling course and a couple of months later got a contract to tile 24 brand new flats :cool:

    try this place out, its all one to one and you can just go for 1 day or as many as you like etc
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    I’m saving up for a five-day course at the moment, it is £650, this one gets you tattooing people almost strait away, and they told me I would be doing three tattoos a day, about six hours worth, every day, most of the courses I have looked at cost more than that and you only tattoo practise skin, it’s worth a look, just go to ebay and type in 5 day tattoo course.

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    Hi Daz,

    I have booked to spend the day with the guy in Sheffield on 13th March. He's agreed I can 'do as I please' - in that I wasn't sure when I booked it, how far on I'd be. He's happy to show me/explain anything I need to know. Decided I am taking my bro as a guinea pig (bless him!) and hoping to start on the real thing!
    He's charging £130 - a £20 discount for members of the forum as it's normally £150 for the first day.
    I'll let you know how I get on..... Am really looking forward to it now!
    Think it may be same guy Mr S has mentioned above

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