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Discussion in 'Designs & Stencils' started by LilMama, 31 Jan 2009.

  1. LilMama

    LilMama Guest

    I love geisha artwork, and im deciding whether or not it would make a good tattoo. Its between that or a tiger. Which one would make a more attractive upper back tattoo??
  2. Nata

    Nata Guest

    I think it would look very nice if you combined the too. Especially with some really nice colors, I think it could look awesome!
  3. luv2hateu52

    luv2hateu52 Guest

    well i have many tattoos and i love artwork but when i see a tiger i believe it looks more masculine. ive seen a few other geisha tattoos on girls and i thought they were very beautiful its very unique and can be colourful if thats what u like. I think u would get much more compliments.......i would go with the geisha artwork. :D
  4. Bexi

    Bexi Guest

    Why don't you incorporate both things together. I don't think a tiger necessarily has to be masculine, it can have softer features, more defined feminine eyes. There are lots of ways to incorporate both together and keep it feminine. If you're not into both, go for the geisha artwork.
  5. mikefuup

    mikefuup mikeFUup Premium

    ??????????????????????????????????????????? is your computer dyslexic?
  6. Djones02021985

    Djones02021985 Premium

    I agree that combining the two designs could look very nice and b made very feminine.

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