Thought is was time

Discussion in 'Pig & Fake Practice' started by Rondog, 11 Oct 2009.

  1. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi all thought is was time to show you were im at on pigskin all comment welcome good or bad as this is a big learning curve, so here it is. Hope ive done this right.

  2. pompey1902

    pompey1902 Premium

    looks really good ron hopeing i get as good soon, how long have you been doing it for?
  3. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi pompey

    Been doing for 3 weeks now, i practice 4 hours every evening and read lots and lots. That was done with a 5rl and a 9rs.


  4. Sonic

    Sonic Premium

    the lines look a little faint in places Ron, but looks good for an early piece.
    When outlining i use a 5RL or 7RL, and find it goes in a little less wavey, and alot darker.

    I must post some up shortly.

    Keep it up mate.

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