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Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by Jenny, 5 Oct 2009.

  1. Jenny

    Jenny Premium

    Hey guys, i have now done 2 tattoo's on real skin and loving the rush it gives me! My 1st was on my right knee (top right), tattoo being of 3 flowers with shading and blue shading to finish wow for a 1st tattoo it looks fab and have lots of great feedback. 2nd being a star on my mates back which also looks really good and another booked in 4 tonight!

    Loved tattooing grapefruits found that really helpfull to get the feel of my tattoo machine, pig skin was also fab to practice with colour but found it quite stiff to work with, as 4 real skin??? yeah baby all the way :) massive shout out to this course as i have learnt so much and the more i look over it the more i still am learning! Advise is dont rush into tattooing make sure you get the feel 4 your machine and even if it does sound silly trace and make your own portfoilo, show people your style :) i have and have lots of people wanting tattoos but untill im ready they will have to wait hehe!!!! my confidence is now growing but one tat at a time!

    Hope every 1 else is having fun and good luck guys

    xx JT xx
  2. Davey

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    Its always nice to hear of people like you Jen.
    Its a great feeling to be tattooing "for real", and i bet you will never look back.
    Hopefully the course gave you all, if not the majority of the information you required. This should be a great heads up for others.

    Good look for the future!!
  3. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi Jenny, Davy

    been going a few weeks now and doing really well on the old pigskin, lots of people i know are already asking when im going to start tattooing people as with what they have seen on the pigskin they say im a natural, but told them all to wait till im good and ready and feel confident about doing it until then practise practise practise and then practise some more. Doing about 4 hours practise a night at the moment and loving it. But got to be patient and learn all i can first. The wife already said shes the first or its the divorce courts lol.

    but before i do any feed back from those that have tattoed real skin would be great as in is it really that diffrent from pigskin and what to expect and look out for.


  4. DavidE

    DavidE Premium

    To be honest ron, i found that real skin is the easiest to tattoo out of all the practice stuff! Im not being big headed here, and i'm hoping others will back me up here.

    Try a small tat at the top of your leg, where most dont see. Its absolutely amazing, and i cannot explain how good the feeling is to tattoo someone else!
  5. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Thanks Crazyfrog

    Thinks im gonna order some disposable tip/tubes as not got a autoclave yet, and find a nice small design and give it a go like you say on my leg. fingers crossed i dont fluff it, but i will practise it a few times before going ahead with it on my leg.


  6. Jenny

    Jenny Premium

    Hi Ron hows you doing!!! as above there is nothing like real skin and the buzz from doing it is amazing :) and when you do you 1st one on some1 else its even better! i have only done 4 now and i have way to many people asking 4 tattoos as they like what they see. Art is dont feel under presure take ya time doodle in between and enjoy!!!

    I have ordered off ebay 100 Disposable grips tips tubes and needles, tips grips and tube come as one unit and the needle as any other!!! They are black in colour and have a silicone feel, fab 4 beginners and very hygienic!! they dont cost a bomb and every 1 i have asked dont mind payin an extra £2 for a liner and shader needle on top of their tattoo!! They cost just over £50 and worth every penny.

    Good luck and keep us all posted :)

  7. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Hi Jenny

    Any chance of a link as to were you got those from please, i have looked but could not find any, and at that price thats cheap. Also what are the needles like as in any good for skin or just for practacing.

  8. Jenny

    Jenny Premium

    once you are on ebay just type in the search bar 100 black disposable tattoo needles and tube grips kit price being £62.76 but if you search i did find 300 for £132 ish. Great for real skin and very nice to hold!

  9. Rondog

    Rondog Premium

    Thanks Jen

    Found them cheers for the help

  10. Buzzy

    Buzzy Regular Member

    Hello there guys and gals.....

    If you want to use piggy but the skin is a bit tough then you need to.....

    Get a clean ice cream tub / tupperware tub / other tub with a sealed lid.

    Trim any excess meat from your skin and place in the tub.

    Fill the tub with water to 2" above the skin.

    Add 5 pumps of blue carex, a drop of witch hazel and a drop of washing up liquid.

    Seal with lid.

    Leave in fridge overnight.

    When you come to use the skin it will be clean, white, oil free and soft.

    Pat Dry with paper towel and allow to air dry for 10 mins.

    Size your stencil.
    Rub a small amount of 100% Dettol into the skin and allow to become very nearly dry. Pat lightly with paper towel.
    Apply Stencil, peel off stencil.
    Dry with ONE press of a peper towel ( if you dab then the carbon will tranfer throuought the design).

    Place piggy with a small ammount of vasaline applied to the fat side onto a clingfilmed clean surface, this will allow the piggy to slide when you stretch.

    Ink away !.

    When you have finished, clean the skin with rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit.

    Take Pic



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