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  1. Rondog

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    Hi all

    How do you know what size shading needle to use for any given tattoo, does this just come with experiance, or is their a rule of thumb so to speak. Especially when we work with round shaders until we become more experianced then move on to flats and magnums, which in what ive read are more superior for shading/colouring and still get into those tight spots with being flat.


  2. Deziner

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    Norwich - UK
    From what i have learned Ron, the size comes with experience, and this is how i started to pick it up.
    I used to nearly always use a 9RS for everything, because i felt i knew how to get the desired result. THEN i was doing a tat one day, and thought "this is going to take forever with a 9RS". So tried a 13RS. The results were amazing, and the time it took to colour in the piece was nearly halved. So i now assess the area to be covered before i start.
    As for flats and mags. I love mags! That reduces the time yet again, and the results, look much more blended and smoothly done. Make sure you practice though, because you could make a mess of someone.
    A little heads up though. Its easier to use mags on the real thing, as the skin needs to be really tight.
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    Thanks Deziner

    Did my first real skin tattoo last night on the wifes leg, what an experiance WOW, was very nervous to say the least but just took my time and remembered what i was learning before and settled down. all in all thought it wasnt a bad first tattoo, wife more than pleased with it so thats makes me a happy chappie will post pic later today for everyone to view in the show us your tattoo section and all comments welcome good or bad as i need to know to get better.

  4. Jay

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    The size always depends on the area you want to cover really. The greater the area the bigger the needle.
    A tattooest once told me "you wouldnt paint your wall with a nail brush when you had a paint brush at hand would you?".
    Which i thought was cheesy at the time but its true.

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