What tattoos do you like doing and drawings

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  1. Ive just started this to see what most people like tattooing or drawing;myself as you might be aware on here is i like tribals that have meaning like the face and names putting them together ect to make a bigger tribal im trying to upload pictures to show anyway,now your turn....
  2. Slinky

    Slinky Premium

    Nice bold, colourful stuff.
    Koi, jap, fantasy etc.
  3. kOI CARB FISH WELL MATE THERES SOME FILLING ON THEM SCALES,Look great when there done though must admit,wierd because i love sea fishing but not into having one tattooed on me.But carry on and i hope that they come out great for you....
  4. inked69er

    inked69er Premium

    black an grey

    black an grey work fine detail work i must admit my first tattoo was very over ambishas but it was a big step for me becouse if i would of started doing small tattoos i wouldnt have the confidence i have now i try an design all my tattoos with the odd acation of copy work an i love drawing full sleeves an wrap work at the moment what ever spare time i have i just draw designs even if people havnt asked for one an befor this site i could graffti an my own custom letters but as for fancy letters i was crap but after downloading the bj betts ebook an sitting for hours an hours a day an 8 scetch books full later i can go thu the alfabet in meny different fancy letters now so i would like to thank this site.all my tattoos on my body are black an grey not one coulor i love coulor just not my taste iv done coulor tats but i just think you cnt get the same fine detail an shading an fresh look as you can with black an grey.

    i dont half mumble on dont i :117:
  5. Inkdeep

    Inkdeep Regular Member

    I dont like doing small crap... Besides the bigger you go the mnore room ther is to correct any errors you make....
  6. Deziner

    Deziner The Bitch! Premium

    Norwich - UK
    I like fine, girly type stuff with plenty of colour.
  7. Its got to be red claire looking at your pic haha.jokeing....looks like a apple,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM WOULDNT MIND HAVING A BITE LOL.
  8. beppe

    beppe Premium

    I like doing stuff based on actual art, I've actually got a quite dark, lowbrow style. I love doing Derek Hess pieces and I've recently talked a mate of mine into letting me do a Leighderhosen piece on him which I'll be doing after the hols. Not a big fan of doing tiny stuff that takes less time to do than setting up.
  9. toetoe62

    toetoe62 Donator Premium

    i like traditional and new school, it's got to have outlines and lot's of colour, i'm doing some b and g but lots of colour is for me.
  10. stealth

    stealth Premium

    Anything jap ! although lately i have a big likeing for sugar sculls.
  11. TexasPT

    TexasPT Donator Premium

    I love traditional tattoos...drawing them and applying them. I like bold, see it from across the room kind of stuff. I'm studying Japanese art more lately and loving it.

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