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  1. Right my bro in law as just bought a tattoo kit,He hasnt got a comp so i thought i would post this.Right hes tattooed his arm idot i know told him not to but derrrr.Anyway all of a sudden he said its gone very itchy and theres like little yellow heads appearing,im asking because its not happened to me or any one i know.Yes before you say it he`s clean and he said he cleaned all the equipment before hand...cheers for any replies.:cursing:
  2. Koi

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    Sounds like impiteigo to me, but this isnt a complaint for new tattoos, or i dont think it is.
    Have a look at Google images and see pics of it. I had it myself under my chin, and it spreads like wildfire if you touch it.

    Only one cure is antibiotics. NOTHING else!
  3. WilD

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    I realise this is an old thread but does anyone know what that would have been? I would say it sound like an infected tat/skin infection possibly thro' bad hygiene - maybe something in the kit wasn't sterile? Anyone ever had this type of prob - or know of it? Would agree it sounds like a trip to docs and antibiotics!
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    That sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to the ink,(if the spots came up quickly) otherwise its probably an infection of some description = doctors + antibiotics !!!.......no matter who you are tattooing,get them to fill in a consent form.

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