Wrist tattoos and work

Discussion in 'General Chat & Advice' started by JMF, 31 Jan 2009.

  1. JMF

    JMF Guest

    If I get aces tattooed on both of my wrist do you think my company would have a problem? I work in an office setting and I was just wondering if they would freak out if I wore a short sleeve shirt.
  2. Pogo Possum

    Pogo Possum Guest

    Nope...they wouldnt. But you will. Good luck in the unemployed line. Companies don't need much reason now days.
  3. sneeks18

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    I have tattoos from head to toe and still cant get a job so just think about it i wouldnt go past half a sleeve if i was you
  4. inked69er

    inked69er Premium

    iv got one on my hand an it was so hard to get a job iam a welder now they dont give a toss now iv got a full sleeve an half back an if any1 wants to look at me different they can sniff my sweet smelling fart anyway arnt peeps without a tat the minorty now
  5. snooplotty

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    Billingham - UK
    Simon Lott
    I have worked in an office for the past 14 years, got my nose and tounge pierced & bought a tattoo machine 6 months ago. Now I have half of my left forearm done and there is nothing they can do about it. lol.
    My boss thinks i'm stupid especially for doing it myself. But they wont/cant sack you for having a tattoo - unlawful dismissal comes to mind and you would win.
  6. Koi

    Koi Premium

    I would say that yes it may be harder to get work, but not impossible. I suppose it all depends what kind of job and around what kind of people.
  7. Micknoble

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    This guy should be right in what he is saying i suppose it is a type of discrimination in away

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