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Building Grey Levels

Balooka 14 Nov, 2017 68

I could use some help or information about building grey levels. I think my understanding about this is wrong. I am a graphic designer and .....

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From Practice To Real Skin

RandolphCarter 14 June, 2018 440

Ive been drawing all my life and the last couple of years i got really in to tattooing. The simplification it often takes to draw something ....

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Malligamalan Human Tattoos

Malligamalan 16 Feb, 2019 8K

I'm so excited!!! My man wants me to do a tattoo on him. I really wasn't planning on doing a tattoo on a human but I feel I can't miss this opportunity ....

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Painting Im Working On

AtlantaNate 30 Jan, 2019 129

This is half of a sheet Im painting. Its done in India ink and tinted with a wash of walnut ink. Still deciding if Im going to add some traditional colors ....

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Home Tattoo Studio Suitability

Marked 4 Life 17 Oct, 2018 467

Does anyone know if anyone has ever converted a concrete sectional shed in to a studio, I am just considering doing mine as I don't have a garage ....

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Slow Progress Better Than No Progress

ThatguyTony 02 Feb, 2019 326

So, I've been at this since September last year but have had about 6 weeks out in total for various reasons. Anyway, here is the progress ....

Tattoo Training Manual

Our tattoo training manual is in a simple step by step format that is very easy to follow. Everything you need to know about starting out as a new tattooists. This along with our helpful tattoo community members will get you well on your way to being a successful tattoo artist.

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Health & Hygeine

Hygeine is the most important part of the tattoo proccess.

Setting Up Equipment

What tattoo machine, needles, grips and ink do i need to start with?

Tattoo Technique

Learn about lining and shading a tattoo after applying the stencil.

Why Help New Tattooists?

Simple! If we dont do it, they will find out the hard way.

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The Help Me Tattoo Forum was set up because of a lack of useful information on learning how to become a successful tattoo artist without having to take part in an expensive and often intimidating studio based apprenticeship.

Our theory was that if we gave interested individuals a safe place to chat amongst themselves without unproductive comments from the so called tattoo professionals as witnessed on other tattoo related websites and forums, they would hopefully teach themselves the health and hygeine side of tattooing, instead of just going straight to skin with no knowledge about the risks involved.

Tattoo Training Forum

In 2012, was born and still receives great feedback from its members. Our tattoo forum allows members to chat amongst themselves about anything related to tattooing. From machine setup to needle depth and even home studio creation and licencing. Premium members can setup a free image gallery, where they can upload pictures of their progress. Over time, we have seen individuals excel from outlining a simple design on a piece of pig skin, to creating some absolutely outstanding tattoos. Many of which are now full time tattooists.

If you feel you have got what it takes to become a tattoo artist, then simply register on the site and join in the discussions. We keep a close eye on what happens on the forum, so dont be afraid to ask the simplest of questions, you will not get the kind of abuse you see on other websites. Register Now!

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Health & Hygeine

The importance of health and hygeine within the tattoo proceedure is paramount

Equipment & Technique

Discuss tattoo technique and the best tattoo equipment on our tattoo forum

Tattoo Aftercare

What's the point of giving your client a fantastic tattoo if they don't look after it

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