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Search results

  1. Patrick

    Selling Glynn. Flew Machines

    Do you still have these?
  2. Patrick

    I've Got an Apprenticeship!

    Well done Rachel I'm really pleased for you, I can't believe a year or so has passed already. Good luck.
  3. Patrick


    Great job mate, on real skin that will look amazing, you obviously had loads of talent and patience.
  4. Patrick

    Learning Advice Needed

    Welcome to the forum Sarah, follow the advice in Adrian's post and you will get along fine.
  5. Patrick


    Welcome Bob, you have got off to a great start by visiting AJ, I wish I had gone to see him at the very beginning rather than wait a year. Your work is very good already so just keep doing what your're doing and you will be a star.
  6. Patrick

    Cover-up/Re-worked Piece

    Really good work.
  7. Patrick

    My First Tattoos (Since October 2013 to Present)

    Good clean work, and good colour saturation.
  8. Patrick

    Session Two on Own Leg

    Looking good Janis, you are improving really quickly, JD has given a good critique so nothing I can add other than maybe you could have some dark leaves coming from behind the rose just to add a bit of contrast between the skull and rose.
  9. Patrick

    Nintendo Leg Update

    Good to see you getting back to it Dave. Mattys is on somebody else leg according to his post but it's good advice anyway. Sometimes a break is good and can make a real difference. Hope all is ok.
  10. Patrick

    Nintendo Leg Update

    Hi Matty, I think you are being a little hard on yourself. This is not bad work, ok there are some patchy areas, but you can overlay more colour later on. By using colour washes over some of this will make a big difference. Have a look at the colour wheel online to get some ideas of what works...
  11. Patrick

    A Few Recent Tattoos

    Nice work mau, keep at it.
  12. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    Payment of $25.00 recieved. Thanks Jay.
  13. Patrick


    Dale this is a good effort, but you can improve on it. Trace the reference pic making sure you get every detail and then transfer it to your paper, then render it taking your time the same way you would if it were a tattoo. You will notice a big difference, after doing a few this way you can...
  14. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    Thank you Jay, and fairplay to you for sorting this out. I'm pleased we could finally settle this my faith has been restored, and yes this matter is resolved. I look forward to hearing from you. Please make payments to this address. pbidwell5@tiscali.co.uk
  15. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    Thanks for this Jay. However I really don't want any more machines, I am going to get the original 3 machines I had from you repaired, as I got on well with these, and I have a couple of the new RW Springers from Dale. I also have a Swashdrive Whip which I don't get on with and am in the process...
  16. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    That's good I'm sure we can agree on something, give it some thought and get back to me and between us we will get is sorted.
  17. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    Jay do you really think I made all this up and that I would throw machines to break them in anger, I'm not 5 years old. I also got the machine that worked tested by 2 local artists who use FF and DF and compared to the FFs that you first sold me these were way off the mark. And you make it sound...
  18. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    You did in fact advise me that the machines I was going to have (Prodigy & Beast) were not up to spec after you tested them, so you suggested that I should have the alternatives Gen V which I agreed, and that you would sell the other 2 on. Anyway as you know the pair of Gen V never turned up. So...
  19. Patrick

    DJ Hicks & Patrick Bidwell

    1.(Yes) neither of them work now, but whatever my answer is yes to your question. 2. (No) I didn't receive them I would have told you if I had and there would not have been a problem. 3. (Yes)
  20. Patrick

    Some Stuff

    There some nice work there Mike, it really helps if you can draw when it comes to tattooing.