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Search results

  1. steveo9441

    Selling Tattoo Studio Equipment

    Thanks Dave that would be cool ;)
  2. steveo9441

    Selling Tattoo Studio Equipment

    I was looking for around *£500
  3. steveo9441

    Selling Tattoo Studio Equipment

    Well when illness strikes you have to admit defeat.
  4. steveo9441

    Selling Tattoo Studio Equipment

    Good day all, Due to unforseen circumstances and real life prob's i have found myself having to sell all my Tatto equipment. There is an endless list of new and mint condition used equipment and i have uploaded some basic pic's of what is for sale. I am looking for a realistic sensible offer in...
  5. steveo9441

    Starting a Little Later in Life.

    Well i'm 54, guess i'm a pensioner then :) You are never to old to learn ... still in there and still learning like music :)
  6. steveo9441

    Dragonfly Clone?????

    I am a Hilberberant user and it all works, golly gosh my spelling is quite bad tonight. You well never want a better machine for the job. I am perhaps an old time user now and don't mean to sell anything, consider what your buying, good luck man ;)
  7. steveo9441

    Two Word Association Game

    Page turned to the next chapter :) :icon_lol:
  8. steveo9441


    Not been on here recently as been busy with my shop and will try my best to be as and where i can. This is an awesome site and learn't much from it. :)
  9. steveo9441


    Never had any problems with infections, i put it down to my high standards of correct hygiene 'Mint Clean' me .... though from what i have seen from peeking in at some what Pro Studio's at my neck of the woods, i somehow wonder to myself ........ mmmmm
  10. steveo9441

    Hello There!! from South Africa

    Hi Chris welcome aboard :)
  11. steveo9441

    So Who Has a Facebook Page

    Sent a request under name of steve black ;)
  12. steveo9441

    Joke of the Day

    An old joke but still love, thanks for that hehehe
  13. steveo9441

    Chrome Effects

    Thanks Tom That is useful info there :-)
  14. steveo9441

    Nautical Star (outline)

    Nice work Chris Very neat lines :)
  15. steveo9441

    Horrible Reaction

    Dave, been reading the thread but can't really put much more in there... and keep your chin up mate you are one of us :-)
  16. steveo9441

    New Boy

    Hi AJ its pretty grim up north intit .... I am from the tropical paradise of Wigan ..... Welcome mate ;)
  17. steveo9441

    My Very First Attempt at a Cat Portrait on Pigskin

    Hey Lysa That is some awesome piece there ... We have three Norwegian forest cats, from what i can gather they are getting rare, but they are lone haired and white .... mmmm Got my head going to now .... how do you even begin drawing them !!! Well gotta say i am a fan of cat's ..... you are...
  18. steveo9441

    Needles and Grips

    lmao ......
  19. steveo9441

    Needle Depth

    Well said there ...... could not have put it better myself :)
  20. steveo9441

    Would Like Your Comments : )

    Hey Laurence That is pretty well cool for a pig skin especially with the slits in .... i could not deal with that .... but hey, well done there ..... keep it up ;)