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Search results

  1. Tattooz

    Sold Selection Of Equipment

    Any offers for these folks. All brand new. Ive also found an A4 lightbox and a digital drawing tablet/pad
  2. Tattooz

    Sold Selection Of Equipment

    I have got few bits of mixed tattoo equipment left since i sold up last year. Im moving house next week and come across this little lot. 1x 35mm grip 2x 40mm grip Full box of 250 machine bags 1x foot pedal 1x 5m pedal extension lead Big bag of strong double wrap bands 1x machine mounted light...
  3. Tattooz

    Sold Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Check your inbox. My paypal address has already been sent
  4. Tattooz

    good quality / cheap price on a clipcord

    I would recommend Eikon.
  5. Tattooz

    Sold Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

    This item is still for sale. Its going on Ebay tonight due to time wasters.
  6. Tattooz

    Sold 4x Micky Sharpz Original Machines

    Just the bottom unboxed one.
  7. Tattooz


    My ultrasonic is still available and a liner from powerline.
  8. Tattooz

    3 Bottles Of Bactine

    I want to sell the lot together or the postage isnt worth it
  9. Tattooz

    Sold Chair Stool And Arm Rest [Trolley Added]

    I will also throw in this trolley if anyone is interested in this bundle. Its more or less brand new and still in wrapping. All this for £50 but must collect soon from Sheffield. I travel to the North West more or less daily. (Manchester Stockport area if you would like to meet me.
  10. Tattooz

    Pedal, Grips, Bags, Extension Etc

    Here is the last of my items; 3x 40mm nylon Grips with stainless back stems included. Box of 250 Machine bags. Quality foot pedal. 5m Pedal extension lead Machine light bag of quality bands A few allen key combinations. Open to offers on these.
  11. Tattooz

    Sold 3 Unopened Boxes Of Genuine Spirit Paper

    3 boxes of genuine Retro FX Spirit hectograph paper. This is the three sheet type. Bought from Micky Sharpz stall at a tattoo convention, so 100% genuine. £55 for the three or £20 per box. (Includes UK post)
  12. Tattooz

    Sold 2 Tubes Of Genuine Doctor Numb

    2 Tubes of Dr Numb. This is expensive stuff and i think the only one that works. £15 including UK post.
  13. Tattooz

    3 Bottles Of Bactine

    3 Bottles of Bactine unopened. If you have never tried this then you need to. When the clients tattoo starts to sting, simply spray some of this stuff on and leave for a minute or so and your good for another couple of hours. Its absolutely fab, and very hard to get in the UK. £15 includes UK post.
  14. Tattooz

    Sold Two Rotary Machines [REDUCED]

    Yes mate they are.
  15. Tattooz

    Sold Needles tips grips and other items

    Finally got round to clearing out my tattoo bench. Loads and loads of stuff including needles in all sizes grips long tips, short tips to suit all needle sizes. Some out of date som in date but all blister packed anyway. All bought from barber dts so not rubbish. Have a look at the images below...
  16. Tattooz

    Sold Two Rotary Machines [REDUCED]

    For sale 2x rotary tattoo machines. The first is a fixed rotary, that i bought from Powerline a few years ago and never really used it for £90. The second is a knockoff Stigma Hyper that i have only had out of the packet to run and its sweet. as anyone on here knows, i wouldnt sell crap, and...
  17. Tattooz

    Sold Genuine Eikon EMS 300 Power Supply

    I am now selling my genuine Eikon EMS 300 Power supply. This is one fantastic power supply that has no end of features, including rotary mode. The foot pedal can be set as one touch start and touch again to stop to save the dreaded knee shake. This thing never skips a beat and is renowned for...
  18. Tattooz

    Sold Chair Stool And Arm Rest [Trolley Added]

    Up for grabs here is a stool, a chair and an arm rest. Must be able to collect from the Sheffield area or at least somewhere nearby. Bargain at £50, All in as new condition.
  19. Tattooz

    Sold Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Yes Thanks Dave
  20. Tattooz

    Sold Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Yes its still here