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Search results

  1. j3rz3y1

    Wanted Rear Contact Post

    Hello Everybody. Im Looking For The Rear Contact Post with the nylon washer things. If anybody has any that they dont wany anymore let me know. I am in the USA. Ill be willing to pay postage.Thank You. Im on a tight budget & im trying to rebuild some machines that survivied the house fire i had...
  2. j3rz3y1

    Hi everyone!!! :D

    Welcome To The Site. Enjoy
  3. j3rz3y1

    Back For Now

    Hello Ya'll. I havent been on in awhile. First my internet got shut off & on Aug 31st my home caught on fire. We lost everything. Including most of my tattoo stuff. I lost all my vkdeos & tattoo flash tbat i had saved on a external hard drive.
  4. j3rz3y1

    Sold Had a clear out

    Sure Would Love To Get The Frame. Wish I Had Art Supplies.
  5. j3rz3y1

    Wanted Machine Parts

    Kinda Looking For Somebody In The US, Since It WOnt Cost Much To Mail Something
  6. j3rz3y1

    Sailor Jerry style Pinups?

    I Could always Look In My Flash & See What I Have. I Think i Have Sailor Jerry. I Could Always Email You What I Have.
  7. j3rz3y1

    the tattoo learning center (youtube)

    Just Got Done Watching This Video. It Was Pretty Interesting To Watch
  8. j3rz3y1


    Hello, I Was Just Wondering IF Anybody Has Every Bought Any Tattoo Supplies From Tmart? They Look Like Have Nice Machine Parts. I Was Told By My Brother That The Inks Are Junk.
  9. j3rz3y1

    Just Picked Up a Couple Hildys.

    I Have Both The .44 Magnum (Liner) & .38 Caliber (Shader). I Love Them, They Both Work Awsome.
  10. j3rz3y1

    Tattooing in Fake Skin

    Like What Mikefuup said, the practice skin is rubber & junk. Had alot of problems with it. Had to turn the volts up to get the needle to even go in it. Pure Junk
  11. j3rz3y1

    Billy Hill, Scratchers and QUESTIONS!!!!

    $10,000 = 6,448.53 GBP $10,000 = 7,620.27 Euro
  12. j3rz3y1

    Moms Stencil on from BarberDTS

    Like Tattooz Said, Use Stencil Stuff. Its A Awsome Product. I Got 2 Free Samples From Them & I Love It.
  13. j3rz3y1

    Wanted Machine Parts

    Hello Ya'll, Just Wanted To Know If Anybody Had Any Machine Parts That They Don't Want Anymore. Springs, A-Bars, Etc.
  14. j3rz3y1

    DIY Stainles Steel Tip Improvement

    Dont See Any Pics. I Have Read & Seen This From Guy Aitchinsons - Reinventing the Tatttoo (2nd Edition)
  15. j3rz3y1

    Its Here! Its Here! YYYYAAAAYYYY (my Cheap Dragonfly Clone)

    The Dragonfly Clone Aint Bad. I Got 2 Of Them Off Of Ebay. One Was $5 & The Other 1 Was $10 & Free Shipping. I Traded 1 To A Friend & Kept The Other 1. They Really AInt Bad Machines. Get Some Type Of Oil That Wont Eat Up Plastic & Lube Up The Area Where The Nipple Goes. Also Check That Area For...
  16. j3rz3y1

    Why Doesn't the Ink Stay in the Skin?

    It Looks Like Your Either Going To Fast For Your Machine, Not Using Enough Ink, Machine Not Tuned Right Or Not Going Deep Enough Into The Skin
  17. j3rz3y1

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Would Baking Them In The Oven On 350 Degrees For Like A Hour Sterilize Them?
  18. j3rz3y1

    Tattoo Stencil Machine !

    Not All Copies Are Bad. I Got A Dragonfly Copy & That Thing Works Awsome.
  19. j3rz3y1

    Looking For These DVD's

    Hello, Im Looking For These 2 Dvd's Dean Deakyne - Introduction to Black and Grey Dean Deakyne - Introduction to Skins
  20. j3rz3y1

    MIke DeVries - Animal Style Dvd

    I Have Both Of The Get Real with Mike DeVries DVD's. The In The Studio With Joshua Carlton Ones Are Pretty Good Also.