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Search results

  1. Snoogins

    The Dreaded Hand Shakes

    I was having trouble with the machine vibrations when I first tried pigskin (I know, not the same as nerves!) and my tattoo artist friend suggested holding some balled up kitchen roll in my tattooing hand. Worked a treat, he said that's what he used to do to help prevent the shakes when he first...
  2. Snoogins

    Practice skin or pig skin?

    With pigskin I freeze mine and when I want to use it I half fill the sink with warm (not hot) water and let it defrost for a bit. I found that using hot water seems to make it smell more when I'm working with it. Then you've got to give it a good scrub with washing up liquid to get the grease...
  3. Snoogins

    Getting My Head Down.

    I really like what you've done with the handle on the dagger. Keep it up man, it's all good practice.
  4. Snoogins

    Last Pigi

    Tattoo looks solid, the shading with green was a cool idea and really works well with the piece. I love the art work though, so original and makes such a cool looking unique tattoo. Can't believe there aren't more comments on it!
  5. Snoogins

    Koi 3/4 Finished

    Excellent job man. Did you use grey ink on the wind bars rather than just shading them out? I really love the effect, looks like you used black faded into a solid opaque grey then white. keep it up!
  6. Snoogins

    Sacred Heart

    Excellent job man, I was tempted to have a try at one of these after watching the Intro to Colour tattoos dvd. Your colour blending is absolutely spot on. I'd heard scream inks were useless but the colour on this is really bright.
  7. Snoogins

    First 3 Attempts on Pigskin

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement guys. I haven't done much this last week since I've been busy but hopefully tonight I'll get my machines out and do some more. Nice work on the sailor jerry design Graeme, I almost did that one before opting for the anchor I did do, I'll definitely be giving...
  8. Snoogins

    Some Practice on Pigskin.

    I think it's something to do with the impurities in normal tap water. I have a friend who works in a studio and he mixes all his grey washes with listerine mouthwash. Something the guy who apprenticed him passed on. He uses the yellow one that smells god awful but his black and grey work looks...
  9. Snoogins

    First 3 Attempts on Pigskin

    Hey Guys. I've been checking out a lot of the stuff you guys have been doing and thought I'd post my own. I used fake skin for a couple of weeks but wasn't impressed with the way it took ink so decided to give some good old pig skin a try. So far I've only done 3. First up was an attempt at an...
  10. Snoogins


    You can get pig skin from Morrisons. It's sold as pork rind for crackling, already cleaned and shaved as well. I bought a pack last week with 5 sheets for 80p Oh yeah, this is my first post since I only joined a couple of minutes ago to look at other peoples work on piggys :)