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  1. Sonic


    ^^ Exactly. The only thing that attracts my eyes instantly is that the flame isn't above the candle, but Janis already pointed that out in the original post.
  2. Sonic


    Whats that all about? Bit blunt, with no explanation??? You went on a training course in April 2013 and you are now in a position to CAPS LOCK and give someone a "wake up call". The site is called HELP ME TATTOO, not look at me, i am the best in the world! Reading this forum lately is making my...
  3. Sonic

    Ink Dipping

    I wont say get an apprenticeship, but i will say "download the training manual". Everyone does it different, but personally i run the machine whilst refueling.
  4. Sonic

    Batman on Mates Leg

    Batman looks great. What liner did you use, cos them lines are thick man.
  5. Sonic

    Stop the Dreaded Shakes

    Hello, not been here for a while. This is just somethin i would like to share with you all to reduce the dreaded hand shakes. Basically it stops you gripping the machine like you are trying the throttle the wife! It is hard to relax, and breathing normally seems to be quite difficult. This is...
  6. Sonic

    Selling New Tattoo Machines (ESILL) Just In.

    Is the price for a single machine including postage? if so i will have a liner. Send me details of how to pay to my PM inbox.
  7. Sonic

    Practice skin or pig skin?

    They are usually quite good at Morrisons, but its the look on their face when you tell them what its for that makes me chuckle. :cry:
  8. Sonic

    new tatts ive done on myself any advice

    Ouchhhhh!! I bet that hurt like hell. :eek: I would have to agree with Koi, and say that that tribal doesnt look very good, and a bit more practice on fruit etc is needed. sorry. :mad:
  9. Sonic

    Tattoo Photo's & Ideas

    A nice little site for gathering ideas for sleeves etc. They are only photos, but its useful anyway. http://freedesigntattoo.blogspot.com/
  10. Sonic

    How do I get a lighter Transfer image

    Pig skin is bad shit for stencils!! Try to not leave it on so long, or even, dont press the stencil/tracing on quite so hard. I bought some stuff from Supertatz, who is a member on here. It wipes the stencil off of the pig skin, without taking your ink out. Its called stubborn ink remover...
  11. Sonic

    Thought is was time

    the lines look a little faint in places Ron, but looks good for an early piece. When outlining i use a 5RL or 7RL, and find it goes in a little less wavey, and alot darker. I must post some up shortly. Keep it up mate.
  12. Sonic

    My Very First Tattoo

    That looks great! Its hard as hell to tattoo skin that is all cut up like that, so very well done. Keep em coming. :)
  13. Sonic

    A few I've done so far

    The wifes flowers look great. Not too much, and very subtle. Like it! :77:
  14. Sonic

    Were im at (a few of mine)

    Im with koi about the depth of the designs. The slightest bit of shadow makes tattoos look quite a bit better. Thanks for posting though, i thought this section would have been quite filled by now.
  15. Sonic

    Another Sterilization Question?

    Dumb Question OMG. This is probably the only tattoo forum on the internet, where the fire wouldn't fly at a question like that! Autoclave ONLY. Good job the mods here run an open minded forum...... :8:
  16. Sonic

    ink banned

    Thats scary shit. I have just Googled it, and found nothing at all. I did hear that China was ripping Kuro ink off and filling it with shit, like they did with MOMS a few years ago. I dread to think what they mix it with?? :mad:
  17. Sonic

    Tattoo ink and reactions (my experience)

    Red Ink Reaction Whenever i go say to Spain, Greece, etc, where the weather is really hot compared to good old England, the dark red ink on all my tattoos goes very lumpy and itchy. I did get warned before i chose the colour i suppose, but hey,,, "It will never happen to me"! :tard:
  18. Sonic

    How to remove security alerts icon in windows XP

    How Do I Remove The Security Alert Icon (SP2) From The System Tray Just a little tip if any members are sick of Microsoft windows trying to take over your computer. After installing the Windows Service Pack 2 (SP2) you will notice another security feature entitled Security Alert. This...
  19. Sonic

    Two Word Association Game

    Board Meeting Next!
  20. Sonic

    Alphabet - Subject Game

    Why not. Beetroot and burger. Next will be C then.